Lost in the Middle

Lost in the Middle is a graphic novel that follows 8th grader Kai as he and his best friend Elle create videos for the social network, “4Reel” to help younger kids transition to Fourth Ave Middle school. It starts with easy stuff, like how to open a jammed locker, but quickly gets to the harder stuff, like how to open up to a friend about death. Each character leans on their own coping mechanisms as they struggle with different kinds of loss—but in the end, they learn to lean on each other. Their message to all of us—you are not alone.

We hope you enjoy the fourth installment in our original series, Kai’s Journey!

Connecting through our journeys

Kids and adults can have different experiences with loss, but that doesn’t mean we have to be alone in our journeys. Together, we can transform collective grief into collective healing.

These free discussion guides, designed specifically for parents and educators, offers insights and tools to help promote productive conversations about loss and healing.

Illustration from the Golden Sweater book series.

Kai’s Journey 

Kai’s grief journey started long before Lost in the Middle. In the previous 3 books, Kai and his mom learned how to navigate the unexpected death of his father. This trilogy was created for a younger audience, setting the foundation for Kai and his friends before their middle school days.

Illustration from the Golden Sweater book series.